Experts on Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Long Beach, CA

HVAC systems are designed to make your life comfortable, safe and livable. Imagine a winter with a heater or summer without an air conditioner. It may not only be dreadful but can also pose health risks to you and your family. However, it will also come to a point when your HVAC starts malfunctioning or even become a safety issue as well. If you notice any of these warning signs, immediately call your HVAC contractor in Long Beach.

  1. Electrical or Burning Smell – If your air conditioner smells like it’s overheating, it probably is. It may also mean that there is a bad or torn wiring. As for your heater, while it is meant to burn, it should not produce a burning smell. If such odor reaches your nostrils, this may mean oil burning which also indicates that there is an oil leak. These scenarios are very dangerous and should immediately be handled by an expert.
  2. Rotten Egg Smell – While a furnace might emit a slight smell, it should not smell like a rotten egg as this may mean a gas leak. The best action is to immediately call your gas company and HVAC technician to come check the problem.
  3. Musty Smell – This is most likely due to mold. Moisture can build up inside an air conditioner because of the condensation process. When the moisture escapes the ducts, this may lead to mold development. Cleaning the duct will eliminate the smell, but you will also need to identify the cause or where the moisture is coming from to solve the problem at its roots.
  4. Pools of Water – If you see pool of water, then there is a problem with your air conditioner. There a can be several reasons for this problem and one of the most common is a torn insulation foam on the refrigerant feeding line. If you cannot trace the leak, call your HVAC contractor as soon as possible.

Checking your HVAC system regularly and being attentive of these warning signs are very crucial to ensure your safety all the time. And if you are in need of heating and air conditioning service in Long Beach, Air CareSaver is your top choice. Don’t hesitate to call us at 626.425.4711 or 800.847.0877.