We Offer Furnace and AC Repair in La Habra Heights, CA

For more than a decade, Air CareSaver Air Conditioning and Heating has been serving several areas in the state with top-notch HVAC services such as air conditioner installation and heating repair in La Habra Heights, CA. We also do tune-ups, replacements and maintenance. And while we are always ready to respond to your call, we also want you to prevent as much problem as possible. To do this, you will have to perform some simple precautionary measures:

  1. The HVAC unit should stay level. So, make sure that the ground or base it is installed on is firm and stable.
  2. Keep the unit at least two feet from walls and other structures to facilitate air circulation.
  3. Regularly clean the AC unit and furnace and its surroundings. Remove debris like twigs, leaves and dust that settle on it. Also, make sure that your lawn mower does not discharge grass clippings onto the units.
  4. Filters should be replaced every three months. However, it is ideal to inspect this every month. If the filters are black and clogged, do not wait for three months; clean or replace them immediately. The frequency of filter replacement may increase if you have pets.
  5. Purchase the best filters like a high-efficiency pleated filter which has electro static charge that can better magnet the tiniest particles, including those that carry bacteria and other microorganisms. As a result, your indoor air will be cleaner and safer.
  6. Don’t let your unit miss regular inspection by an expert contractor because this will ensure that your air conditioner or furnace is working efficiently. Also, this allows for early detection of possible problems so that proper solutions will be done before damages worsen.

Keeping up with HVAC maintenance will only be beneficial for you and your family, so never miss out. And in the event that you require furnace and AC repair in La Habra Heights, CA, you can always rely on our expertise. Air CareSaver Air Conditioning and Heating houses professional technicians with the knowledge, skills, experience and the right equipment. Call us today at 1.800.847.0877 or 625.425.4711.