Ensure Prompt Air Conditioner and Furnace Repair in Chino, CA

Our home is meant to be comfortable, safe and livable. And one of the ways to ensure this is by keeping indoor temperatures within ideal levels which can only be done with a properly functioning HVAC system. But while we do all sorts of maintenance steps to increase the longevity of our units, it will still come to a point when you will require air conditioner or furnace repair in Chino, CA. Keep in mind, however, that prompt response and repair is very important to avoid the problem from becoming worse. Here are some warning signs you need to take note of:

  • Rotten Egg SmellWhile a furnace will emit some slight smell, it should not stink like a rotten egg. This is a dangerous warning sign as it may indicate a gas leak. Your initial action is to immediately call your gas company and HVAC technician so that they will do the necessary inspection.
  • Burning or Electrical SmellYour heater’s job is to burn, but it should not produce a strong burning smell. If it does, then it can mean an oil leak. As for an air conditioner, when you smell an electrical smell, it may mean that the unit is overheating or a wire is bad or torn. These scenarios are quite dangerous and should immediately be handled by experts.
  • Musty SmellIf you are getting a musty smell from your AC unit, this is probably due to mold build-up. Your AC involves a normal condensation process, but when the moisture escapes the ducts, it won’t take too long before mold starts to grow. The smell can be eliminated with proper cleaning, but it is important to let an expert technician do an inspection to identify any possible problem.
  • Puddle of WaterYour air conditioner is not meant to create puddles of water. If it does it may mean several things such as a torn insulation foam on the refrigerant feeding line. It is best to pinpoint where the leak is from so that you can fix the problem.

If you are in need of any furnace or AC repair in Chino, CA, you can always rely on our team. You can reach us at 626.425.4711 or 800.847.0877.